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Looking for an Air conditioning & Refrigeration Specialist who arrives on time? Who is professional, tidy and affordable? The team at Polar Power understands your time is valuable. Which is why we arrive on schedule, notify you of any appointment changes, carry out our work in a prompt, professional manner, and clean up after the job is done. We have the experience and expertise to carry out an extensive range of air conditioning and refrigeration services.

Polar Power

Our Services

  • Home and business A/C installations, service/maintenance and repairs

  • Installation, service/maintenance and repair of small and large-scale refrigeration systems 

  • Air curtains

  • Offering expert advice for families and businesses for all air conditioning and refrigeration needs ​

We offer very fair and competitive rates and treat our customers like extended family. We look forward to helping you soon. 

If the refrigeration service you're looking for is not listed here give our team a call on 0418 738 502 we're sure to be able to help.

Home Air Conditioning

We have the perfect climate control solution to suit your home!

Many homeowners are unsure of which size air conditioner is the most economical for the area they wish to cool or heat. Our Refrigeration Specialists can help with expert sizing, placement and feature advice to ensure the unit you buy is the most effective one available for your space.

Installing an air conditioner which is too big can mean running costs are over the top, alternatively purchasing an air con which is too small can also lead to excessive operation costs from the unit working overtime to keep the temperature constant in your home. Speak to our team about the right system for your home.

Business Air Conditioning 

Polar Power has a range of air conditioning solutions for your business. Whether you need to keep the shop cool in the summer heat or warm an office during winter, we've got an energy efficient and economical options available. Our team can provide air conditioning services around your busy times to avoid interruptions to schedules or production.

Air Conditioner Servicing & Maintenance


Polar Power offers a comprehensive air conditioner service throughout the Sunshine Coast and Noosa regions including the supply, installation, and servicing of split system air conditioners.


Our Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services
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